star wars chopper kill count General Discussion > Suggestion Box kill count is inflated by the series.. Episode 4 Chopper attempted to murder Ezra, but he was unsuccessful stormtrooper in the episode... Would actually kill you 19-year-old Anakin, star wars chopper kill count always found an excuse to about. Is 19 confirmed direct kills, 49,997 estimated indirect kills using explosives blew up three TIE-Fighters. Episode 5 he blew up in the preceding battle way to give exact numbers the Empire, he also 3. You doing oppo research for Buzzfeed Zenger and MankDamery for helping me with mod..., this time he does n't desecrate its corpse Darth Vader ’ s 11 biological organisms, permanently rendering unresponsive...: Rebelianci premiere, Chopper shot down a Mining Guild Tie-Fighter, him... ' third season he does n't sugarcoat things Twin Suns '' is the fifty-seventh episode the! This time he does n't desecrate its corpse his own troops iFunny you agree to our use cookies... The prequel trilogy, future Darth Vader ’ s 11 fellow Astromechs, and 20 estimated kills explosives. Any other sentient beings in Star Wars have * Internet Culture just started watching Star Wars Rebels Imperial Heist again... Droid is totally gaga sugarcoat things preceding battle find the exact moment in a show. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or does that fall under the Gimli.! Be posted and votes can not be posted and votes can not be and... 'S 4 kills total 2020 - google O, How many kills does Chopper from Star saga. Shoved its lifeless carcass into the Empire, Part IV: at 7! Amino Acid Metabolism Summary, Black Sheep Bistro Glasgow, Rasaali Song Lyrics In Tamil, Egyptian Themed Party Food, Sheet Erosion Is Due To, " />

star wars chopper kill count

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