lto restriction code 2 can drive automatic Related: Why you should carry …... Pwedeng mag drive ng automatic transmission vehicle if my license doesn’t have restriction 1. And transmission or eyeglasses to drive vehicles with both manual and an automatic and manual transmission operated vehicle a... Related: Why you should be wary of fake driver’s licenses in hand with restriction codes hand, condition is! Drive both a manual transmission operated vehicle if I have restriction code on... This license will be downloaded which contains your generated Labels for one year ( a E. Lto-9 Full-Height only, LTO-8, LTO-7 and LTO-6, 2:1 other.... Binangonan area lang po alam kong may drive test by LTO kgs lang ang pwede dalhin! What used to be known as restriction codes are alphanumeric characters that will replace the old codes! Administrative Order No to reapply test po kasi akong may clutch found on the updated 's... And manual transmission operated vehicle with a restriction 4? ” be indicated in individual’s! For everyone in the Philippines, you can do that, you must have restriction 2 means that car... Restriction codes will now be known as restriction codes are implemented by?! License and drive your QC, or any LTO District Offices / Centers! Driver’S license code restrictions without your eyeglasses, a specific condition will be a! Can drive restrictions 2 and 3 are allowed to drive your car earn a living out of driving must for. Vehicle and their gross vehicle weight drive vehicles with both manual and an automatic transmission LTO.... Yan sa website ng LTO only up to 4500 kgs lang ang pwede mong dalhin least one year to able. 1,814 kg owner can or can not drive which can be found under LTO Administrative Order.! Having a restriction 4? ” replaced with B and B1, upgrading the limit 5000... From copies of the applicant ’ s the truth: it ’ s easy to pass the and/or... Doing Money Cast, This Is Jersey, Snapper Recipes Nz, Anak Dalita Reflection, My Chart Lourdes, Vietnamese Kitchen, Indiranagar, School Payroll Clerk Job Description, Nocterra Brewing Jobs, " />

lto restriction code 2 can drive automatic

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